I offer various services in the Coaching and Consulting Space.  I'm here to diagnose, unlock, motivate, and inspire every ounce of potential from you and your team.  In turn, we can help exploit your offerings to your customers.

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Competitive pressures in today’s economy require organizations to create great leaders within a continuous learning model of growth and development. It also becomes very important to develop effective leadership skills at all levels of the organization, and optimizing leadership styles can play a key role in moving the organization through different phases of its development.  

Strategic Solutions specializes in leadership programs and works with companies to identify the role of highly effective leaders and the strategies and solutions needed to raise and resolve organizational issues and enhance communication. We work with you to develop strong leaders (those who create and implement a strategic vision) and good managers (those who can effectively manage the growth and change). Another critical area we address is team leadership alignment, so the vision and values of the leaders are aligned throughout the organization. Our services include:

  • One-on-one coaching

  • On-sight observation and diagnosis

  • Game plans, resources, and strategies for improvement


Located in Ohio, USA

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