Have you ever had the feeling that both you and your business are capable of more?  Ever wonder how some companies can attract and retain great employee's at current competitive rates while others struggle?

I have, and I've spent most of my life pursuing the answers.  

I come from the volatile and competitive sector of Automotive.  From sales/finance to repair and management, I've always been obsessed with Automotive.  Also being an enthusiast (racing), I dove deep into anything automotive.  It didn't take long to realize a few things.

Why are the lowest quality manufactures closing down plants, and yet the highest quality manufactures opening more and more, all while under the same umbrella of regulations?  Why are some manufactures drowning in debt, while other have hundreds of millions in the bank?

Why are some manufactures of extreme higher quality, but only priced minimally higher, or even the same?

How can I race certain vehicles ALL NIGHT, and then drive them home with no problems or down time, and then continue to drive them every day reliably, while this would be unthinkable with other brands?

This led down a rabbit whole in which I'm still exploring every day.  Long story short, while still searching, I've found many philosophies that answer these questions.  I've not only found them, but applied them, and that's where theory becomes practice.  

I've applied these theories to more retail environments, as well as continued my studies on how we work as humans.  The results have been humbling, much better than I could have dreamed or imagined.  

My goal, is to help you and your business discover fresh, unique, and innovative ways to perform at your best.   Ways that not only make us more profitable, but simultaneously happier and more efficient.  

I want to help you achieve more.  How we get there is different with every situation and leader.  If you're looking for a cookie cutter spread sheet based consultant, then I'm not the one for you.  There are plenty capable of that and definitely a need for them.

I'm hear to unlock you and your business from the inside, from the place we actually make decisions, from our environment, culture, emotions, psyche, and our inner ego.  While most are frustrated with the fruit, I help you tend to the roots.  When we focus on our inner foundations, our trees have no choice but to produce fruit of higher quality and quantity.  

If your at a point where you can use a fresh and unique perspective of your business, marketing, and overall strategy, contact me.  Let's explore how to get more.  More profit, more contentment, more fruit.  

-Jason Hayes

Business Coaching

All businesses face problems, but many either don’t recognize that these problems exist, or they choose not to address them in hopes that over time, the issues will resolve themselves. If you are a business owner or leader (or a family member in a family business), do you recognize any of the following issues or challenges?

  • A lack of business growth and profitability

  • Unresolved conflict in the business and/or the family

  • Low levels of trust that equate to difficulty working as a unified team

  • Unclear business strategy and/or vision regarding the future of the company

  • Avoiding conversations about key transitions such as succession planning

  • Inefficiencies in operations due to an undefined organizational structure

  • A lack of leadership development to prepare future leaders of the business

Why a consulting firm? 

Problems like these don’t just go away on their own. In fact, waiting to address or avoiding issues altogether usually makes them even worse.  

What most businesses don’t realize is that the answers to their problems often lie in bringing in an objective, neutral “third party” who has expertise in working with complicated issues. We are committed to helping you succeed personally and as a business. 

We work with you to identify the best solutions, give you tools and techniques to be successful and offer support through the difficult parts of the process.


Located in Ohio, USA

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